Saturday, March 17, 2007

For the last time

No one really likes switching accounts here and there, esp. emails and blogs. I made up the decision to in Saturday arvo, created new hotmail, flixter, digg, delicious and blog.

Prior to that, all my accounts were standardized to the screen name "yuenqi". Which was started around 5 years ago. I used to create all account under the name "exlian" when I was firstly introduced to world wide web, esp. personal homepage and guessbook. Then emerged to using some names with "strife" within it around the time I was active in IRC.

"yuenqi" was alright, but I still thought that I needed a change, one which represents the real me, to friends, to biz, and to other peeps in the WWW.

Note: I have two blogs [1] [2] which I started to maintain again these days, however I'll stop posting at them but here.

- yc

1 comment:

Unknown said...

change for the right reasons is good

gluck with the new blog & all the ongoing changes