Sunday, April 8, 2007


Sisu, principle of high power of will which should make you to achieve anything, a unique Finnish quality.

You can be an excellent driver, pole sitter and even race winner, but you are just not the world-champion racer. That's Felipe Massa, a talented Brazilian kid who has improved and gained a lot from being the partner of Schumi in 2006.

But if you look at the way Michael Schumacher signed off in Sao Paulo, Kimi Raikkonen's and Fernando Alonso's fighting spirit and sharpness on the track, you know what they are truly made of. Lewis Hamilton is another one, calm under pressure.


- yc, upbeat

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Hamilton is going to be another F1 Genius. It was very dissapointed during the previous race that Kimi is not performing. Very sad as he is one of my admire for the fighting spirit on the track.