Friday, August 17, 2007

Introducing Jyte to fellow Malaysians - BN is going to win the coming election!

Jyte is a community-based webpage which (fundamentally) allows you to make claims and to receive opinions from the community. There are some reasons why I'm interested with it (Oh, by the way, Jyte stands for Just You Tell 'Em):

  • It is an OpenID-enabled website. OpenID, in short, is an online identity that can be used anywhere. I had a blog entry about it a few months back.
  • It is Web 2.0. If you haven't yet heard of this big name/thing (it's merely a concept anyway), see this picture.
  • It's neat, needless to say. It is not a new idea but it is easy and it beats hosting polls in an online forum.
Something quite (yes, just quite) similar to Jyte will be Digg, you might have heard about it, which comes with a set of rich features in comparison, basically, a way of bookmarking and to receive public opinions.

For the sake of promoting the use of OpenID and exercising Web 2.0, I have made such claim (that I disagreed):

Malaysia's upcoming election is recently a very hot discussion everywhere, contributed by the recent actions/reactions from our government against bloggers and the Internet users, I believe.

Let us know what you think and see you at Jyte. If you'd like to do some digging, click here.

yc, jyte-ing!

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