Saturday, August 11, 2007

MyJUG Committee Meeting, 4th Aug 2007

Malaysian Java User Group have just had a committee meeting last Saturday (4th Aug) at Secret Recipe of Mid Valley Megamall. The following is a list of the attendees:

  • Kar Seng, Loke (founder)
  • A. Faisal Shaazi
  • Desmond Lee
  • Chee Seng, Chua
  • Yuen-Chi Lian
  • Kristanto Oetomo
The meeting focused on re-establishing the group, which currently, has more than 600 members in its mailing. Agenda as followed:

  • MyJUG's background
  • Committee members and roles
  • Web-page, contents and hosting
  • Sponsorship
  • Active members and future events
Some had been addressed in this thread #6870 a month ago.

Here is a brief summary on the ongoing tasks after the meeting:

  • Working on the web hosting plan and its sponsorship (Faizal)
  • Working on a long-term strategy that increases the value of MyJUG (Faizal)
  • Promoting MyJUG to people through different communities and channels (Yuen-Chi)
  • Collecting more ideas as part of the features of the group and its website (Yuen-Chi)
  • Planning on the future events, esp. organizing tech talks (Kar Seng and Chee Seng)
Most of the plans are right now still preliminary but nevertheless a good start. Our next meeting will be held in about a month time, to follow-up some of the issues of previous meeting and to put things into concrete form.

Anyway, we love ideas, we love inputs. If you wish to be part of MyJUG, to help out, or to be one of the sponsors, feel free to talk to me.

- yc, jugging

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I do interest to help out. Can I join you guys on next meeting?

Boon Ping.