Saturday, August 25, 2007

RE: eGENTING Programming Competition Registration

So I signed up for the eGenting Programming Competition of this year, an open-book hand written programming competition.. Now, the nature of the competition might be a big challenge to IDE guys like me. ;-)

A letter I received after the submission of my registration form:

Dear Yuen-Chi Lian,

Thank you for registering for the eGENTING Programming Competition 2007.

If you are shortlisted, we will notify you in a separate email after the registration closing date.

Research & Development (Systems).
eGENTING Sdn. Bhd.
19th Floor, Wisma Genting,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Interesting, you'll have to pray for being shortlisted. Taking a look at the past questions, and you could see how Java could be incredibly written in C/C++ style. That's a crazy mix.

Good luck Yuen-Chi.

yc, praying


Unknown said...

Java programs should be written like C programs. It shows the eliteness of it. What could be better than writing programs which:

* Caches program instructions to "help" the CPU.
* Reference to them via machine-only-readable hex
* Contain innumerable use of sizeof
* Need to be aware of machine endianness
* Bugged with buffer overflow security exploits

I can tell you there is none! In fact, it's productive to write enterprise applications using C! It just takes about 3 years to get a decent one developed and 7 more maintenance years after that to get it stabilized.

The future is definitely Java in C style. It's truly unprofessional when Java programmers take advantage of the language's excellent abstraction over details.

There are sure many gurus in the Genting competition. I'm so honored that they grace the Java community with their ken of C. I wish them all the success which they possibly can achieve! Woohoo!

June said...

Off topic, but are you the 连云启 from chkl?

Yuen-Chi Lian said...

Hi June,



Anonymous said...

Is E-Genting a very good company in malaysia???

Can anyone reply me ?

If so then why they pay so less?

Yuen-Chi Lian said...

Hi Blaster,

I don't know. I have no idea about how much they're offering the people.

I was in a session to understand how the company works and development practices certainly it is not a company that suits me, at all.