Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Black and White March to Save Judiciary

It's the second time in 60 years the Malaysian Bar Council did something like that – "Walk for Justice". A recently revealed video of a senior lawyer on the phone with a Tun has led to the public disclosure of a judiciary scandal involving our Chief Justice, all thanks to Anwar Ibrahim (this link has the video).

Some of my colleagues might have noticed (and some were told by me) that I was with a black and white attire today because of this. I wasn't managed to pull off for a day-off, there wasn't enough time for it when I was informed.

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Our country has been in a pretty bad state these days with all the issues and scandals. The country needs a change. A month ago, the government and the rakyat-rakyat were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the independence day – slogan: "Jalur Gemilang" (glorious range of values).

50 years, so.. What have we achieved?

Updated: Jeff has taken/uploaded heaps of photos of the event.

- yc, sad

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