Sunday, September 30, 2007

Forum: From Nurin to Chief Justice

Attended a political forum on yesterday afternoon, my first time ever. Howsy has a detailed write up available here.

I made a short comment from the floor,

"I'm an IT guy, not a political guy. Am here to express a worry and an encouragement. We are all here today because of how information flows into our hands -- I am here because I received a Facebook invitation sent by Anwar office, I read about the scandal from Jeff Ooi's and Anwar's blog, I watched the video from YouTube, I also found that the BAR council has a blog to share their thoughts with the public.

Like some of the people have mentioned just now -- free media (my worry). Our government has lately been trying to control how information is shared, esp. online. However, that should not stop us from expressing ourselves. We talked about the rot of our judiciary, media and system, and we are in need of revamping them. But one of the very first things is that, we, ourselves have to start doing things, like expressing yourself, sharing your thoughts with the people.

Start blogging if you could..

If you have not been following the news, our country (Malaysia) has been in a sad state lately (in fact, all this while). Li Tsin's blog (Polytikus) sums them all up:
  • Murder.
  • Judiciary scandal.
  • Cops screwing the rakyat.
  • The forgotten East Malaysians.
  • Consumer goods price hike.
  • Potential petrol price hike.
  • Haze is back.
  • Public universities harassing students.
  • Wasting police resources over a burnt flag.
  • Maid abuse.
  • Missing children.
  • Mistreatment of foreign workers.
Or you can refer back to my past entries: Black and White March to Save Judiciary, RE: Reason Behind The Recent Condemnation Against Bloggers.

I am attending a forum on Digital Democracy on this coming Wednesday, by ALL-BLOGS. Hopefully, there are more things that I can learn and do, for the people.

- yc, whines

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