Sunday, September 30, 2007

High School was Fun

I spent 7 years in Chong-hwa KL Independent High School at the age of 13 to 19. Found and joined its Facebook group just now. There is this discussion going on in the group: "Best & worst memories?", and I wrote these:

Causing electrical blow-off at the KH building, at form one that time. The school blacked out for an hour or so. Priceless.

Falling in love for the first time in high school at form 2. Being stupid but that's mesmerizing.

Throwing a chalk right on the arse of science teacher at form 3. Ridiculous.

Damned to retake form 3 but managed to secure form 4 after negotiating with the headmaster. Owned.

Can't remember how my time was spent and what I have really done for my SPM and UEC. Typical.

Went upper 6. It was World Cup 2002. Had a Davala[1] hairstyle for just a day. Busted.

Everyone has been bad, I'm sure. ;-)

- yc, loves high school

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Unknown said...

"Throwing a chalk right on the arse of science teacher at form 3. Ridiculous."

If you did it from the back row, thats amazing. Of course, I'm assuming that your science teacher has a small ass.

If you spin the chalk, it will have a more stable flight through the air turbulence caused by the ceiling fans. If you're lucky, the chalk will hit the right cheek at the angle of 31.275 degrees - which would not cause an immediate stop on impact. The chalk will slow down to an eventual drop to the floor after it has drawn a line across the butt cheeks.