Wednesday, October 3, 2007

ALL-BLOGS forum on "Blogs and Digital Democracy"

I attended the ALL-BLOGS forum just a few hours ago and managed to meet some friends, known bloggers and new faces.

I threw a question (with nested question anyway) which perhaps wasn't clearly asked and answered.

I was very much interested in knowing the principle of GVO (especially when we are talking about digital democracy) on online media rules and regulations, should or should not they ever exist. I used the Votergasm as an example of extreme exercise of freedom, may be not appropriate, but it woke some sleepy people up (that's what Nuraina said).. at least.

Many of us have had this discussion before I suppose. Call it contradiction or dilemma, rules are definitely needed, although once implemented, a lot will go against it.

Also bear in mind that, 5 years or 10 years down the road, blogging might not be in its form as we can see today. We have seen how things evolved from Usenet to BBS to IRC to online forums to social networks and to blogs/Web 2.0 and to morrow.. we use something else.

Let's not just focus on blogging towards democracy, let's start thinking about solid establishment of democracy and civilization on the cyberspace -- for the real world.

I never deny the fact that blogging (as of today) is something that works and has brought together all ages and nations to participate in discussion, unlike the early age of Internet / World Wide Web.

- yc

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