Monday, October 29, 2007

Cp1252 Nightmare

It was a horrible experience. Spending more than an hour to recreate workspaces and reimport projects, just to get rid of the strange Eclipse build error:

The project was not build since the source file ${path} could not be read

I did not have any problems to compile the code using Maven though.. So, why was Eclipse complaining? Some search results in Google suggested to me that it could be a file encoding issue. I was pretty sure that would be the case since the code might be checked in by someone on a Windows machine.

I switched to my Windows environment and the code could be successfully built.

Well, well.. but what's the solution? After being annoyed by the error for more than an hour, I slammed Eclipse by forcing the project to use Cp1252 encoding and dramatically the build works. Now, changing the text file encoding back to UTF-8 works too (which previously did not).


- yc, pwnz0r

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