Friday, October 19, 2007

The Fault is On Malaysians

Read a very long ranting blog entry by Su Ann, and in response to it:

And this is my favourite part. the interviewer made a comment that if action is not taken by the government soon, then this issue would be forgotten by Malaysians. And Nazri Aziz said, “Who’s fault is that? It’s not the government’s - the fault is on Malaysians.”

No one ever likes Nazri, one who is known for having a mouth full of crap. But NOT this time.

It is the fault of Malaysians:

  • It is the fault of the people to vote for the government.
  • It is the fault of so many youngsters out there to not care about this issue and the recent issues.
  • It is the fault of the government to keep doing what they have been doing.
  • It is not just the fault.. it is a real shame that the politicians are claiming all they have been doing are for the country.
  • It is the fault of the people to believe the press and all the lies.
  • It is the fault of the people to uphold the "tidak apa", "malaysia boleh", and all other attitudes and chauvinistic beliefs.

We are f**ked up.

- yc, rant2

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