Tuesday, October 16, 2007

From ESB to REST, Polyglot Programming, JSON

I spent about an hour to do some blog reading. Around two weeks ago I left a comment in Patrick Logan's (an open-source developer) blog on More on the ESB. And just now, while rolling through the feeds consumed by the demon, I found a very good blog by Steve Vinoski (former chief engineer of IONA Technologies) in response to Patrick's blog -- The ESB question. His answer to the problems is REST. Steve subsequently wrote another two blog entries.

Bob Warfield of SmoothSpan summarized the discussion and stretched on multiple language approach as solution to enterprise problems, see ESB vs REST (Another Case for Multi-Language Programming).

They are very good reads which create room for me to start thinking again.

Lately, I am working on the JIRA Transport for Mule and one of the cool things about it is it reads JSON defined at the endpoint, then parses it to invoke the SOAP service of JIRA. I have never been a fan of writing SOAP client using Java and I hate the stubs, it is always Python or Perl.

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