Thursday, November 1, 2007

Got my groove on IASA (Malaysia) October Chapter Meeting

I attended the IASA Malaysia October Chapter Meeting on Tuesday, it featured:

  • Business Process Management Enabled by SOA -- Kevin Khaw, Senior Technology Advisor, IBM Malaysia

  • Managing Changes & Mitigating Risk in Software Development -- Amir Gheibi, Chief Software Architect, SnT Global Sdn Bhd

Kevin is from the WebSphere group, he talked about how important business process is and it's usually overlooked as people emphasize more on the service and products. BPM is a discipline not a technology, it solves the problem of undocumented processes, inefficiency caused by bottlenecks, limited visibility into runtime performance, complex integration across multiple processes, cumbersome process changes, undefined KPIs, etc.

The slides and diagrams, however.. are not available in the repository yet, otherwise it could be easier to depict it.

I found the left-to-right business model and top-down BPEL model inspiring though, they sparked me some ideas to create some high level diagrams to describe certain processes in a support project that I'm working on, e.g. training and evaluation, daily support work, etc.

Amir shared about how changes could be introduced to a project and their impacts to it. His final slide clicked with what I kept thinking about during the presentation. Agile and TDD, as an iterative approach to cope with changes.

At the end of the presentation, I questioned about adopting Agile is more of a political issue in most of the companies in Malaysia, Amir did not deny the fact and instead he emphasized that an architect has the responsibility of being a politician to influence the management and people. He also touched a bit on the "Iron Triangle", using its factors in planning and negotiation.

It was a good night anyway. Am looking forward for other upcoming IASA events.

- yc, groovy


Anonymous said...

Great talk. Wish I was there. So did you take a leave to attend the talk.

Yuen-Chi Lian said...

It was in the evening, so.. that's great :-)

By the way, you are.. ?