Sunday, January 13, 2008

RE: Rethinking Software Development

My colleague David wrote a thoughtful blog about maximizing quality by increasing software development time, do take a look at it here.

Test-Driven development (TDD) and continuous integration (CI) are not new terms but they could be in Malaysia (generalizing based on the number of software engineers that I have met), or people (managers and developers) could just think they are something impractical in terms of meeting the project's deadline and such.

They should find out about the "Broken Iron Triangle" too.

- yc


Michael said...

CI is a critical part (Agile Methodologies) and is used in a lot of major projects that I have been
involved in.

I would love to know what the software development industry is like in Malaysia :D

Yuen-Chi Lian said...

I do not want to leave my country a very bad name when it comes to software engineering. But like I have mentioned earlier, my comment was drawn based on the people that I met and the companies that I know. ;-)

You will be surprised that there are some companies who do not even practice SCM.

By the way, in my company, we use Atlassian Bamboo for CIs and when it comes to working on MuleForge projects.. I use Bamboo too.