Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fashion for Software/IT Guys?

The IT people generally prefer wearing t-shirt and jeans to work, at least that's what most of my IT friends prefer. In some companies, which professional dressing is required for Monday to Thursday (like mine), traditionally, guys will go for a simple sleeve and slack, girls will prefer chino/straight skirt. And they all like moderate colours (just not funky or too bright). Let's call this "standard" dressing.

Especially in Malaysia, which is warm every day, people go with one-layer dressing, you hardly see someone with coat, cardigan, jumper, sweater, etc.

If you wear something that's not within the standard, say, a short sleeve with a skinny/fit tee at the outside and a bright tie. Your colleagues will start questioning why you are wearing in this way, or telling you that you should be wearing in that way, blah and blah.

I have recently changed my fashion style, GQstyle is my source of inspiration (no, I don't buy Paul Smith or Moschino, I can only afford around the price of TopMan). I bought cardigans, new shoes, belts, ties, and braces.

I don't agree that you wear simply because you just want to cover up some parts of your body, I believe I wear is to show who I am and how unashamed of my own ideas and mixtures. When I feel gloomy in the morning, I will pick light blue as the fashion of the day, it makes me looks brighter. When I can't think of something better for that day, I will just grab a cardigan to make myself to not look too plain.

I always like to look at how the Paul Smith's models wear. I think IT guys can wear like them too. Don't you think so?

- yc, geek.. talks about fashion


Adeel Ansari said...

That sounds cool.

I am a bit like a Timberland and Ralph Lauren guy. It doesn't mean that I just buy these two. I sometimes go for CK or some other time for something cheaper in case I find that thing a somewhat substitute or really good. In the latter case my first few choices used to be, Esprit, Nautica (Not cheap though), PDI, G2000 (A formal clothings, though), Levis, UCB.

Actually, my style is, "its better to shop good and expensive things once in a year or two, than shopping cheap daily or once every few months".

Anonymous said...

any pic to show how you wear? ;)

Yuen-Chi Lian said...

Adeel: Yea, G2K is rather formal than fashionable. But the price is attractive.

Anon: Catch me in the train. :-) I like to head-bang with music too.

- yc

miguelboom said...

This blog is nice...

Is there a pix of how an IT guys must look like?!... Just curious... :) thanks!