Thursday, May 15, 2008

Job-Ad: Hiring Geeks to Support an Open Source Middleware

Posting a job advertisement that I have just posted in Lowyat.NET forum.

Hi guys,

My company is looking for experienced technical guys (and girls of course) to support an Open Source middleware product (Java-based). If you have strong enthusiasm in open source or you want to pick up challenges to learn a middleware in and out (so that you can write one yourself in future, I guess?), you may want to continue reading this. If you think you can do greater things than being a support engineer, you're out, go achieve your developer / architect dream.

The primary nature is fairly simple. You will be one of our team members in covering support within a specific daily time-frame (yes, not 24x7 standby) for the global customers of this product. You will be receiving support tickets from the customers usually through portal (there could be other communication protocols) and reply to them within the defined SLA. No, you won't be picking up a phone call from a desktop customer then guide him how to install and uninstall an application (even if it happens, that's very-very rare). You will be dealing with project leads, developers, system administrators who have questions or problems with integrating the product with other systems (such as WMQ, Oracle DB, SOAP, etc.), using the API, etc.

You are, of course, having other things to do in your job such as sharing knowledge with teams and customers through wiki or knowledge-base, writing extensions for the product, etc.

The requirements?

1. Your attitude. Like I have mentioned at the introduction of this post, if you think you want to support this product, you should drop me an email. If you think a techie's capability is judged by the lines of code they have written or you think doing professional support is a shame, you are out.

2. It requires you to have good understanding with messaging and integration. I hope you have heard of EAI patterns or MEP, have experience, or you are ready to learn them.

3. You learn things quick. Yes, it would be the best if you already have a few years experience in the industry, but one with experience could take 1 year to learn SOAP but a whizkid could take just 1 day. When a high severity ticket is filed, you will not be having your own sweet time to slwoly learn how to setup MBeans in JBoss, there is an SLA! So yes, you have to learn things quick.

4. You can communicate. Not just to have good command of English but you are able to deal with customers politely and professionally. You also need to be able to communicate with the internal teams efficiently. If you are a geek who will just be sitting down and segregate yourself with the world, this job doesn't suit you.

If you think you are the person with the requirements mentioned above or you have a friend who is interested, drop me an email at yuenchi.lian _AT_ By the way, our office is located at Plaza Sentral of KL Sentral, the hub of public transportation.