Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blog Ads == Sign of Immaturity

Feel free to disagree.

I have never been a fan of putting blog ads in my blog, as you can see as well, I apply a plain and simple layout. This is due to one very fundamental belief that Web 2.0 is data driven.

I once stood up in a public forum to point out that, people should be utilizing tools to efficiently obtain information/data/feeds, web browser is just an option. One reason to go against using web browser to visit a blog or news site is the unnecessary download of images, JavaScript, stylesheets, etc.

This belief has turned to an even-firm conviction as I started to use Swurl last week.

It has been so many years, and it looks like people still need more time to adopt Web 2.0 in the "right" way. What about the ads companies? Maybe they have to find ways to inject ads into content when web/HTML presentation is abandoned.

By the way, I made some DNS configurations, you can now reach me at

My blog address is now:
My Swurl page is at:
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- yc

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Dennis said...

ads are data too~ contributor n distributor r playing a major part in web 2.0 also, due to its profit generating nature, they're learning n adapting more aggressively, that's y it has always been the status quo that "ads are inevitable".

It's up to the receivers, who should be "utilizing tools to efficiently obtain information/data/feeds", to see only what they wanna c, excluding the content that ad companies think "u might wanna see"