Monday, July 21, 2008

A Networking Session with Sun / Java Evangelists

There was an invitation sent to MyJUG, to a networking session with the Sun / Java Evangelists last Wednesday at Monash University. The turn-up wasn't that high and I reached there pretty late too, I guess everyone was pretty stuck at work or in the jam. Thanks Chee Seng for the ride, otherwise I would have stuck 'til the event had ended.

Good to see familiar face like Colin Charles (the MySQL guy) and Loke there, and finally met up with Monica Ng (the Marketing Communication Consultant of Sun). The evangelists in list anyway, were, Matt Thompson, Reginald Hutcherson, Lee Chuk Munn, Peter Karlsson, Colin and Naveen Asrani.

Sitting alongside with the evangelists was fun. We started our technical conversation when Chee Seng introduced himself as a Flex guy. Chuk Munn and other folks started to bash Flex to promote JavaFx, something that I did not show much interest on which I might give a try now after being told that the beta release will be a very fine product.

We also touched on the performance enhancement of Java 6 SE Update 10 as well as the new Open Solaris. We all left after some folks distributed the live CD of the OS.

It would have been a greater event without the nearly 2-hour jam. Hopefully Sun will make it a weekend next time.

- yc


Unknown said...

It's unfortunate that I couldn't attend as I was really looking forward to this.

Anonymous said...

Well, if I remember correctly I did not exactly bash Flex, I say that you should try JavaFX because certain things are easier to do .

Anonymous said...

Hi Chuk Munn,

Maybe a little bit too harsh with the word "bash". Opssie ;)

Let me know if there's a need to correct the word.


Anonymous said...

It was a good session to me. Just keep an open mind on this. IMHO, Java, has been doing what Adobe (Flex and AIR) is doing since decade ago - A runtime that can execute in both Web Browser and Desktop. However, sadly, it's Flex and other RIA platform that gaining momentum today. May be come a little late, in JavaFx, I really hope that the following problems will be solved/improved:
i) Complex UI programming model.
ii) Smooth Deployment User Experience.
iii) Fast startup
iv) Video support
v) JRE version problem.
vi) Stylish look UI. ;)