Sunday, July 27, 2008

Second Day of BarCamp Malaysia - Awesome!

The second day of BarCamp was simply.. Awesome! I talked about being a newbie wireless user yesterday and I have another newbie experience today on OpenOffice Presentation. We are newbies in certain areas of our life at every single day to learn new things, aren't we?

I started my day by attending a wireless network hacking session by the iTrain guys. A very great and rich session indeed, with a speaker who couldn't stop reminding us that he has a longer toy than us, he showed a number of tools to make wireless hacking easier. And not to forget, Linux is the best platform to launch attacks. It's a shame that the demo didn't work and the session dragged quite a while to make my slot left with 30 minutes time.

Yes, my talk on CDN fell in the same lecture room. Being a big fan of Steve Jobs' style presentation, I made my slides as clean as possible with just keywords, although I didn't deliver a smooth one like his (hopefully next time), thanks God that the decision to make the presentation short saved me from rushing given such limited time (of course, the reason wasn't to run into Ditesh's talk but to have more QnA and interactions).

Followed by it, it was Talat's talk on "Hidden Impact of Higher Mathematics on the World Wide Web". Talat and his talk reminded me of the Oxford Murders.

After having our Subway lunch, I ran into (once again) the Lecture Room 1 as Kamal and Aizat planned to run a ligthning talk session there. So, when I thought I would finish up my day all in Lecture Room 1, we got the news that the session got forked and we just merged with folks in another room.. which started with a talk on hiding porn video files.

It's so excited to see how much information people could share in that one hour time!

- yc, in and out.

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