Friday, July 4, 2008

Welcome to Aflexi

Hi guys,

I did not touch on this in my status update a few weeks back. Anyway, here it is, I have left CustomWare Asia Pacific, a company that I first joined after my undergraduate study and which certainly had shaped my career pretty well -- worked on Atlassian and MuleSource products.

I am now starting a new business with my friends, a company called Aflexi, with a goal to transform the current state of the Internet to a better one, with CDN (Content Delivery Network). I am holding the position of V.P. of Engineering and.. we're still working on the website, feel free to follow our Twitter here. Catch me in the BarCamp Malaysia (first and ever) as well, there will be a session that I will be presenting CDN to the folks.

Anyway, it is the birthday of Rob (founder/CEO of CustomWare) today, so.. happy birthday mate.

- yc


Unknown said...

While it is definitely a loss to no longer have you working for CustomWare, I do feel happy for you that you have found the path you want to take. All the best.

Looking at the bright side, now we have another name to blame bad code on. Thanks man!

Yuen-Chi Lian said...

Another name to blame bad code on?

- yc

Unknown said...

Woops. I mean, a name to blame.

Anonymous said...

all the best YC - I'll be watching with keen interest. It's sad to see someone leave, but it fills me with excitement when someone leaves better equipped to change the world and has the intention of doing so!!!