Monday, October 13, 2008

I love Java

Love? Love comes with struggles, frustrations, hate; it's unconditional. There's this "I Love *" meme initiated by the folks at and in supporting of it and to show my love to the programming language and its community:

I love Java for how advanced it is, for the standards (see JCP and JSRs) that have been defined, for the other languages that you can run on top of it, for its rich frameworks and libraries, ...

I hate Java, for the same reasons too. :)

Note: The Sun's Java Virtual Machine (runtime) is called HotSpot. It is released under GPL, it wasn't.. before November 2006. Here is a list of JVM implementations.

- yc


Azwandi said...

A techie way to express you feelings on tehchie stuff

Unknown said...

May the duke be with you.

Adeel Ansari said...

You didn't leave Java after loving it. Return it pal. We are waiting in the queue. :)