Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Maxis Broadband is Fast

It is, always. I use it 24/7, when I work in the morning, when I travel in the afternoon and when I'm home in the evening.

It is crap when it's in Port Dickson or some concrete buildings with poor signals, but not most of the time. I have also noticed the trend that it can go amazingly fast in the midnight til around 8am+ in the morning (so if you have a long connected connection, maybe you want to redial for a good speed), like this:




Anonymous said... better change your working our to mignight til morning so you can enjoy the fast connection. What a good service from maxis

Unknown said...

That's like having access to the full turkey after every has digested it.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: It's fast even at day time. I put "amazingly fast" for night/morning time.