Friday, March 20, 2009

Some Particulars like Room Names in Aflexi

This is truly a random post. During the lunch time at Full House (NZX), I talked about red-tape/bureaucracy in corporates that I can't stand, then exchanges of some Oz slangs.

When I got back to the office, I came across a blog titled "101 Guide to going to the Men's toilet in Sydney" in my ex-company's internal blog (we still maintain a good relationship basically).

Here're a number of things I raised and discussed over in a meeting an hour ago with the team:
  1. The developer's roster, tasks and deadlines.
  2. The right ways to use the toilet.
  3. The ashtray pot and your ciggy.
  4. The cups and basin.
  5. The room names.
Items 2 to 4 are small particulars but people neglect or find themselves resistant in conforming to social standards, if that're the right words to use, anyway. The Aflexi devhub in PJ, Taman Megah Emas (which I named it Aflexi Gold a while ago), has quite a number of rooms and 3 toilets. I'm thinking of giving them names (since 2 months ago but things got me stuck), like country's, city's, etc.

How're rooms named in your office?

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