Saturday, September 11, 2010







  艾维: You really think blowing up Parliament's
going to make this country a better place?

  V: There's no certainty, only opportunity.



流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

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Anonymous said...

ge ming she yi ding yao liu xie de, r u sure u want that

SNLM said...

It is interesting to see people asking: revolution will cause bloodshed, are you sure you want that?

There are probably two stands for the people who ask this:
1. First, the asker was meant to say, if you have no problem with bloodshed, come, join me;
2. Second, the asker was actually trying to imply that you either 姑息养奸, or you go 在别辛苦耕来的树底乘凉 (read: just ignore everything and migrate to else where).

And I have good confidence that most people, Chinese people especially, will choose option 2.

Many Chinese always like to compare M'sia to countries like the US and say how good US is. They, however, forgot that countries like the US had also been through bloodshed before they reach where they are now. Does Chinese care? No, they just like to reap the fruit now.

Then there are Chinese who say: no, you can't say that, there are Chinese who fight for revolution too. Yeah, that's right, if we are talking about the minority of the minority. That just constitutes a really small percentage of the Chinese population, especially in Malaysia.

Well, if you don't want to fight, and yet you want to enjoy good quality life, I suggest that you go back home now, pull the blanket over your head, and start dreaming.

Think about it.