Friday, December 10, 2010

The Malaysian Java User Group can be more than just a mailing list

Is simply just a mailing list for years. Continue reading.

Recently, I received an email (with a few in the loop, not through the mailing list) from Loke to discuss about some aspects of MyJUG. I found it hard to respond to most posted questions (such as "Best Practices" and "Strengths and Opportunities" of this group), simply because - the cruelest fact - there's nothing much to describe.

I join the mailing list about 4 to 5 years ago, when I innocently thought getting to know more people there could get some new hires for my former employer. It doesn't work that way (or at least at the moment), so if you happen to have the same intention, you may want to readjust or quit.

Every now and then, I whine and whine to some people about the lack of substantive committee to move forward the group, the lack of activities, etc. Then, every now and then, we voted for topics and things go silent. Then, recur.

StackOverflowError not yet.

To run a successful technical/user group seems really hard in Malaysia. FOSS-SM used to have consistent monthly meetup when Aizat was active. Chee Seng runs the Flex UG (MyFlex) but the number of participants is really low (also given the fact that Flex is barely a killer). Umm, the PHP UG seems pretty successful though. Why?

I don't know.

The community can change it.

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azamin said...

I joined this MyJUG back in year 2000 when working with a company developing telehealth project. there was a time myjug had its own a portal/web site to discuss technical matters and also recruitment too... the trend is when we find a latest platform, we tend to forget the previous platform we use all these time.. for example, i joined a yahoogroups of former classmates... but since facebook becoming a trend, somehow i tend to less use that yahoogroups.. and it happen to nearly all members of that yahoogroups... and i believe, it gonna be the same with google groups or any platforms.. maybe facebook too... my point here is.. even if we migrated to other platform, don't unsubscribe the old one.. it might be useful one day... as long as you still use the email account u subscribe it with...